Friday, May 11, 2012

Showcase 5: More renderings.

These are some of my earliest 3D Studio Max renders (using Max 5.5, I believe).  This was actually a real fireplace in my apartment at the time, but it didn't look this dramatic in my living room (also, it was bricked up, so no fire).

Old mechanical animation.

This won't turn any heads (except maybe screw-heads), but here is an old animation on how to install a plastic sign-holder to a metal beam.  Please excuse the spartan presentation, it is meant to look like a mechanical drawing for the purpose of extracting stills.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Slow and steady wins the race.

I'm still working on getting my own code up and running for the new site, but even then, I still have to find some money to host it with (I don't want it associated with any ISP accounts just in case I decide to change providers).  I've got a lot on my plate right now anyway:
  • Job search
  • Studying SQL
  • Studying computer trivia so that when I finally pay for the A+ exam, I can pass it
  • Looking into a CCNA
My HTML is fine, but my CSS is a little rusty, and using this pre-packaged page here at blogger saves time, but isn't exactly helping me to keep the code straight, so we'll see how the new page turns out in a few...

Showcase 4: Photo Manipulations

These are a few "Art History" class projects that I did, emulating the style of a famous artist with a modern subject.  They are mostly just straight-up photo manipulations.  I have included the assets that I was working from, as well as the original pictures.

Showcase 3: Sir Isaac Newton in Love

Sometimes my ambitions get above my resources.  Such is the case with Sir Isaac Newton in Love, a game that I had started making for my physics final.  It was to be a two-dimensional single frame game (think Donkey Kong) where you used Isaac to set a catapult to fling gifts over a wall to his sweetheart.  I just never had the time to devote to it, and I only ever got some of the sprites done.  I'm only sharing it because it makes me laugh every time I see it.
When he messes up, he screams in frustration.

Showcase Number 2: Kidarettes

The class:  Psychology.  The purpose:  Sell a product.  My teammate Tom and I wanted to come up with the most absolute, horrible, awful product in the world, and make a believable advertisement out of it.  I was less refined in my use of Photoshop, but I think the target demographic gets through loud and clear.  I could almost see this as a real product...
Now he just needs a "Power Wheels" pickup truck.

Showcase Number 1

I'm starting a new feature labeled "Showcase" this week, which is meant to showcase some of my older work.  This first entry is a for-class advertisement that I created in my "Fundamentals of Design" class during my second semester at the Art Institute.  It was just some sketches that I had created in another class, but my instructor really seemed to like these.